The British designed and built SuperFast Thermapen thermometer by ETI Ltd has fast become an essential piece of equipment for chefs.

Its speed, accuracy and user-friendly design make it ideal for busy kitchens; for dishes that need careful temperature control or simply for knowing nearly instantly that meat or fish is perfectly cooked.

Outdoor catering, such as BBQs and hog roasts, present a slightly different set of challenges with equipment that may not cook quite as evenly or as predictably as the kitchen.

Here the SuperFast Thermapen and the new Backlit Thermapen are your ideal cooking companions. Thermapen’s fine, stainless steel, foldaway probe won’t damage the look of your food, whilst allowing you to check it thoroughly and ensure that everything’s safely cooked through.

Available in 10 colours, the stylish and water-resistant SuperFast Thermapen looks great, is lightweight and fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. A handy belt pouch is also available to ensure that your Thermapen is exactly where you need it to be.

The new Backlit Thermapen has all the features of the SuperFast Thermapen with the added benefit of an intelligent low-light sensor that will automatically illuminate the digital display when ambient light is low.   Perfect for evening catering events, or where light is poor, this model is available in red, white or blue.

Each Thermapen comes with a calibration certificate and a two year guarantee.

The SuperFast Thermapen costs £48 (plus VAT), the Backlit Thermapen is £56 (plus VAT) and a zip up belt pouch just £6 (plus VAT) all are available from


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