W T Endacott, one of the longest established and most highly regarded craft bakers in the south west of England, has continued its commitment to washing system specialists, Oliver Douglas. The installation of an Oliver Douglas Rotary Jet 550 at their Okehampton premises is the company’s third system since 1962.

“We use our Oliver Douglas installation for cleaning a wide range of stainless steel and plastic equipment,” comments Michael Finucane, Director at W T Endacott. “The units produce excellent results and now, with the latest version, the efficiency and quality of the cleaning process is retained but can be undertaken more quickly.”

The latest installation is an excellent demonstration of the willingness of Oliver Douglas to tailor its designs to meet precise customer needs. “The dimensions of the current Rotary Jet design differ markedly from that which dates from the early 1960’s but we developed a one-off unit to match the original dimensions,” explains Paul Careless, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas. “This enabled W T Endacott to install the facility in exactly the same location without extensive re-working of the production area layout.”

As with all Rotary Jets, it is designed for batch washing and is fabricated from stainless steel. Water changes are minimised due to the large capacity of the wash area with the wash process achieved via a high power wash rotating jet positioned on each side of the chamber. Pre-programmed wash sequences can be selected as required.

“Loads are located into a wire tray – that we also supplied – which is then simply pushed into the wash chamber,” continues Paul Careless. “Its configuration can accommodate the wide range of equipment that needs to be processed.”

“Our products, ranging from bread, rolls and cakes to savoury items such as pasties, are widely regarded for their quality which we believe goes hand-in-hand with the highest standards of manufacturing processes and procedures,” continues Michael Finucane. “Our decision to install our third Oliver Douglas Rotary Jet reflects our commitment to this principle and the ability of Oliver Douglas to work closely with us to meet our continuing specific needs.”

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