Contamination is an issue that can cause major logistical problems for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. For the consumer, contaminants like fragments of metal, plastics, rubber or other materials are unhygienic, unpleasant and can even represent a choking or laceration hazard. The impact of contamination and recalls can be disastrous and include the cost of internal investigations, lost production, lost sales, possible legal costs and reputational damage.

But, help is on hand, and from an unexpected source. When planning cleaning procedures, contract cleaning specialists, such as Hygiene, undertake detailed surveys and assessments of all the surfaces to be cleaned. While the primary aim is to determine the cleaning frequency and methods, a useful outcome is the identification of potential equipment damage.

Repeat inspections after every clean mean that trained cleaning staff are ideally placed to notice gradual deterioration in the equipment, allowing them to remove any potential contaminants but, more importantly, to report these for preventative maintenance. Additionally, cleaning staff trained in pest recognition can provide early warnings of potential issues.

A specialist cleaning company not only provides a highly effective cleaning service but is also a major asset in brand – and consumer – protection.