Catering and retail butcher Bay Provisions of Cardiff has installed the Checkit wireless food safety monitoring solution from Elektron Technology to replace manual HACCP checks. Wireless sensors monitor the temperature of walk-in chillers, display freezers and other cold storage units, while a handheld unit is used to check the temperature of goods-in and log cleaning schedules. Measurements are automatically recorded and stored centrally and the system provides alerts to any PC, tablet or smartphone if a problem is detected. And with unique PIN login for each member of staff using the handheld, Checkit makes sure that HACCP processes are followed to the letter.

“With wireless sensors in place in all of our cold storage units, Checkit gives us a much more accurate account of the temperature, particularly during the defrost cycle,” explains Bay Provisions proprietor Gerald Healy. “If you get the temperature right, the quality of your product is going to be far greater. If you’re doing your checks manually, you’re not seeing the temperature 24/7.”

The modular system is scalable for any type of food operation, from a single site to multi-site operations, and can be leased from under £100 per month.

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