Interfood’s ‘Curing to Clipping’ Division, offers a range of equipment used by many of the major food processing companies throughout the UK and Ireland.

Henneken has been manufacturing equipment for almost 40 years and specialises in the production of vacuum tumblers. Now available through Interfood is Henneken’s new in-line tumbling system, that allows vacuum loading from the rear of the machine. It is a true in-line system, with a loading pipe that remains in place throughout the process with the tumbler unloading directly into bins or onto directional belts for further processing. Machines range from 650 to 12,000 litres with optional cooling and defrosting systems.

Schröder manufactures a wide range of machines, from stand-alone injectors integrated into existing lines right through to completely new automated systems. The IMAX range has long been the benchmark and now the new Smartline range offers more value with bed widths from 350mm to 600mm and simpler control features.

James Radcliffe, Divisional Manager at Interfood, comments – “We are asked by customers to provide complete solutions and, as always, labour reduction is high on the agenda. With these new lines coupled with the existing technology we supply, Interfood are well placed to meet the needs of modern processing which is backed with excellent service and technical support”.