In 1998, the Spierings family moved from Holland to the beautiful countryside of Cornwall, to own and run a small dairy farm. In 2012, due to repeatedly poor milk prices, the family decided it was time to diversify the business. For that reason, the youngest son Giel, at 19 years of age, formed Cornish Gouda Co.

The family decided to refurbish an old out-building for the production and storage of the cheeses. Being an energy efficient farm, and with the intention of becoming as carbon-neutral as possible, a wood burner is used to aid the pasteurisation process.

By utilising the high quality milk produced by their pedigree herd they now create a variety of beautiful handcrafted Gouda cheeses with the addition of herbs and spices; these cheeses are a great accompaniment to any cheeseboard, or as an everyday filler for your sandwiches.

A favourite amongst locals is ‘Cornish Gouda with Italian Herbs’ on toast, perfect with sliced tomato and a drizzle of green pesto.

To find out more about the family, their farm and their produce, visit


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