ALEXIPACK patented Hot Entrée pack

Traditionally hot entrees have been served in either metal foil containers with crimped top edges gripping a plain board lid or C PET trays with heat sealed film lids, both of these packs are not ideal for the following reasons.

Foil trays with board lids are traditionally closed by hand, a slow process and the seal is not leak proof and is difficult for the passenger to remove without spillage. The pack offers no branding opportunities as the foil cannot be easily and cost effectively printed. The whole pack tends to end up with sharp edges and is not customer friendly.

The C PET tray and film lid can be filled and sealed more quickly than the foil tray and this does give a good seal however there are no branding opportunities, the trays are very hot to handle like the foil trays once heated, the film lids are difficult to remove without tearing and spillage. Environmentally this pack offers no benefits.

The ALEXIPACK patented board tray and lid has a whole range of advantages over the above.

The pack is totally brand able on all surfaces which gives airlines the opportunity to use strong branding across all their products and items on board.

The pack is totally leak proof yet has an easy opening system that guarantees consistent easy opening without spillage or tearing. The total sealing also means that there is no danger of contamination once the pack has been filled and sealed.

The pack offers high speed filling and sealing (lids are heat sealed in place) on automatic standard heat sealing lines.

The pack can be frozen, microwaved and heated in a conventional aircraft oven.

Due to the excellent insulation properties of board the pack is never too hot to handle.

The pack is light weight meaning less weight on board therefore less fuel burn per kilometre flown.

This pack uses materials which are fully approved for direct food contact.

The pack is produced from sustainable materials and can be produced with either a separate lid or a hinged lid.

A wide variety of sizes can be produced and all manufacturing is carried out by The Alexir Partnership.

This really is the ideal pack for all of your hot entrée requirements, come and visit The Alexir partnership at the WTCE at Hamburg this April to get a full insight into our full range of innovative airline food packaging.

Peter Hargreaves

Group Business Development Director

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