A fresh approach to a ‘Try Me Free’ promotion is now offering an extra tasty treat for shoppers

Denny Bros has been working in partnership with Leicestershire-based Hive – leaders in unique code marketing – on a promotion for the Saucy Fish Co that encourages consumers to try a new fresh fish idea for free.

Hive chose Fix-a-Form as the promotional mechanic for delivering the Try me Free! Claim £5 Back offer running on packs of fresh tuna with sweet soy and chilli sauce. The 50mm, four-page leaflet label includes a unique random code which allows purchasers to claim 500 points to go towards one of three treats: £5 and free cinema tickets, the chance to win an iPad and £100 itunes or £5 paid directly back into the customer’s bank account.

Over 24,000 Fix-a-Forms were printed for the promo which has captured the interest of shoppers looking to trial purchase the fabulous fish and sauce combinations.

Speaking on behalf of Hive, Keran Turakhia said: “Saucy Fish wanted to guard its price point but offer promotionally sensitive consumers a strong promotional offer. Promotions are now everywhere; a part of everyday consumer engagement. Brand owners can find that they can change the fortunes of a brand within days of a money-back or give away promotion.”

Nicola Salisbury of Denny Bros adds: “The Saucy Fish Co Fix-a-Forms are as fun and vibrant as their ingenious host packs. They are catching a large number of fish buyers looking to try something new.”


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