The Jelly Bean Factory predicts Spook-Tacular sales with new Hallowbean product

The Jelly Bean Factory® is looking to add further growth to the confectionery category with its bespoke 100g Hallowbean gourmet jelly beans tube (RRP, £2.00). Available for large groceries and independents alike, the product is designed to capture customers’ imagination thanks to its unique selection of flavours – Midnight Liquorice, Tangerine Terror, Ghostly Grape, Peachy Screech and Beastly Blackberry.

The vibrant packaging, guaranteed to have maximum stand out on shelf, is perfect for mums looking for ‘trick or treat’ products and party food snacks. Currently estimated to be worth £315m and up 12.5% last year (source: Planet Retail), the Halloween commercial opportunity continues to grow in momentum, making it the third most significant event after Christmas and Easter. The Jelly Bean Factory fully expects its new product line to maximise sales growth for its retailers partners.

Ever prevalent in the category is the concern about obesity and artifial flavours, which is why The Jelly Bean Factory is the perfect partner for retailers. Every Gourmet Bean contains 100% natural flavours, natural fruit juices and is free of artificial colours. They are also Gluten Free, Nut Free, Gelatine Free, GMO Free, Halal certified and Kosher compliant as well as being suitable for vegetarians and Coeliacs.

Richard Cullen, Managing Director at The Jelly Bean Factory comments: “Halloween enables us to exploit our ‘fun’ credentials to the fullest. We are a brand already synomous with family party moments, so we are keen to leverage the sales potential for this season, and what’s exciting for us is seeing our retail partners benefit too.”

As with every single item in the range, the new 100g Hallowbean tube comes full of Gourmet Jelly Beans that have the same flavour on the inside as well as the outside to deliver the great taste sensation that The Jelly Bean Factory® is renowned for.

The new 100g Hallowbean Tube joins an already extensive collection. Whatever the customer’s preference, there is a product to suit the most discerning of tastes. From tubes to dispensing units, massive cookie jars and snack boxes, every single format thinkable.

The new product along with the rest of the range, is available for distribution across its 55 international markets (including the UK). It is available via wholesale and also sales direct into larger retailers.


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