URBAN eat has unveiled plans to launch a brand new range of seven satisfying Savoury Pastry products in response to feedback from its growing army of fans.

The products, which include traditional staples such as Sausage Rolls and Pasties to the more exotic Flaming Cheese or Spicy Chicken Slices, will be available from September and in true URBAN eat style will offer consumers a winning combination of quality and value.

Brand Manager Isla Biggin explains: “The URBAN eat brand was created to deliver high quality, tasty, convenient products that meet the needs of busy consumers across the UK and we continue to commission research to ensure we are doing just that.

“This consumer data helps to shape our brand strategy and NPD activity and the launch of this new range is a case in point, our research told us that savoury pastries, along with salads, are the most popular alternative to the lunchtime sandwich making them a natural extension to our existing range of handcrafted food to go products.”

And to make sure that the new savouries, which are being produced in partnership with pastry specialists Peter’s Foods, live up to URBAN eat’s exceptional high standards, they have all been independently benchmarked against competitor products.

Isla explains: “The results from the taste panels have been fantastic, not only are we able to offer a range of savoury pastry products that is less expensive than those of our competitors but more importantly score more highly in terms of both taste and quality.”