From it’s humble beginnings as a family meat market in Chicago in 1909 OSI has proudly grown to be one of the leading providers of quality food solutions in the world – as tangibly confirmed by its contract to supply McDonald’s with all beef products as the result of a dedicated partnership which began when McDonald’s was founded in 1955.

The UK operation is based in Scunthorpe at a superb, modern facility with seven production lines across two halls and via a highly focused liaison with 20 different suppliers some 35000 tonnes of beef patties are produced every year.

An essential aspect of this contract is continually matching both McDonald’s strict standards and also of course the appropriate Health & Safety legislation. When it comes to specialist testing equipment then the name to note is Testo, from whom OSI has just acquired one of their 926 Type T hand-held Thermometers. This features rugged probes for every food application and auto hold with user-settable times, an optional print out facility, audible alarm and date and time set up function. The Testo 926 offers a measuring range of -50 TO +400ºC with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ºC and with it’s TopSafe protection case is waterproof to IP67.

Quality Assurance Manager Debbie Hodges sees the importance of her relationship with Testo “ The key word is trust. Because of the nature of the product I absolutely rely on being able to trust them to listen to my needs and provide the right advice and solution. The new 926 is ideal to meet our needs because of our crucial hourly product checks it is so quick and simple to use especially with the visual display guide whilst compared to other brands on the market it actually saves us money because the probes are so strong and resilient and last so long. We also avail ourselves of Testo’s calibration service to ensure constant perfection. The Testo 926 nicely complements their other products which we have such as the clever little 103 folding thermometer for our auditing team and the 810 non-contact model which is ideal for producing weekly records relating to air and surface measurement”.

Telephone: 01420 544433