December 13, 2016 is the deadline when all food producers must be fully compliant with the EU Food Labeling Regulation 1169/2011. NiceLabel has developed a free, simple software solution to help food suppliers achieve compliance with the regulation, with minimum effort and change to current procedures.

Having a nutrition declaration on prepacked foods becomes mandatory from December 13 this year. Most organizations already adapted their labels in 2014, when the regulation required them to highlight allergen ingredients. Now, all pre-packaged food must include the nutrition facts information in a table form (see the infographic).

NiceLabel has developed a free, yet complete “out-of-the-box-solution” that lets customers start printing compliant allergens and nutrition labels in minutes. The solution contains everything needed, including a predesigned label template, a printing solution pre-configured for the streamlined printing of allergens and nutrition labels and a database management form for the management of all product data. The solution allows authorized staff to manage data in a simple interface so companies do not need to invest in complex database solutions.

“The regulatory requirements keep changing. This is challenging particularly for small companies that do not employ compliance departments and IT staff that can tackle these challenges. We created a solution that even companies with no IT resources can use to be compliant easily,” said Ken Moir, VP Marketing at NiceLabel. “Moreover, NiceLabel helps them increase agility, accuracy and efficiency of their processes so they have a competitive advantage and help them to sell more product.”

The NiceLabel nutrition facts labeling solution can be used without a software license for 30 days, while even after the trial period there is no charge for the nutrition facts table solution.

To help food manufacturers achieve compliance easily, NiceLabel has also created a free e-book “Guide to the EU Nutrition Labels” for the on-demand printing of EU food labels that explains the four steps companies must complete to become compliant.

To learn more, view the e-book and download the NiceLabel’s EU food labeling solution, visit



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