Manufacturers can find out why ‘no one sees taste like Kerry’
Stand C20/D21, Hall 7 – Parc des expositions, Rennes – 13-15 March, 2012
This year at CFIA, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours will help manufacturers from France and
the rest of Europe understand what lies behind the company’s global ‘Taste Campaign’.

Under the strapline ‘No one sees taste like Kerry’, the campaign aims to make food manufacturers aware that Kerry offers new and effective alternative ways to achieve good taste in products reformulated for lower salt, sugar and fat, taking a holistic approach that looks across the whole food matrix.

The prepared/chilled meal market is a growth sector in France, and is one where Kerry has considerable expertise in providing ingredients. Research* has shown that consumers in the
French market are looking for simple, natural ingredients, with clean label declarations that
offer reduced salt and fat reduction in response to health and wellbeing concerns.

These consumer priorities, along with pressure from health professionals and legislation from national government and the European Union, means that manufacturers need to find new ways to reformulate that meet the demand for healthier ingredients.

Through a wide range of taste technologies Kerry can help manufacturers achieve salt,
sugar and fat reduction without compromising on taste, whilst at the same time delivering trusted and recognised ingredients declarations for the consumers.

“Our customers in France tell us that their consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the
taste of products that have been formulated – or reformulated – with lower salt, sugar and fat profiles”, explains Pierre-Yves Dauchy, Senior Account Manager, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours France, “and conventional flavouring approaches are increasingly unequal to the task of delivering reformulated products which still offer traditional eating appeal.

Salt reduction which has been achieved in France** has been, in part, as a result of successful collaborative partnerships with those food manufacturers which have committed themselves
to reduce salt content in several food products. These include bakers, the meat sector and some soup manufacturers.

The French government continues to work with initiatives aimed at the consumer, food and catering industry, and health professionals.

“We want to ensure manufacturers are aware that, with our assistance, they don’t have to
compromise on taste when reformulating products. This is rapidly becoming an essential strategic concern when growing and protecting market share and sales in today’s highly-competitive, cost-conscious markets” says Pierre-Yves Dauchy.

He also concluded: “CFIA is always a great opportunity to meet up with our customers in France, which is why we’ve been exhibiting at the show for over ten years. This year we’re very excited to have the chance to share the expertise behind our taste campaign.”

For further information email Pierre-Yves Dauchy: [email protected]
*Source: Europe, France, Meat & Poultry Retail Research 5/8/2011.