Nicholl Food Packaging has introduced a number of new wrinklewall foil trays suitable for grilling, oven cooking and barbeque applications.

The expanded range features nine new designs including round and rectangular versions, some with rolled edges and compartments, and a new mini pie tray. In addition to the many standard designs in the entire Wrinklewall range, customised bespoke shapes can be developed to meet particular customer requirements. Trays can also be personalised through the embossing of customer name or logo on the base.

The trays are suitable for a wide range of products including meat, fish, poultry and bakery. Special food approved internal tray coatings are available for recipes with very acidic sauces or with very high salt content and an optional board lid can be specified for certain tray designs to allow products to be sealed.

The trays combine a robust, heavy duty construction for effective product protection with easy handling properties that ensure maximum consumer convenience. They are unaffected by both extreme hot and cold temperatures and maintain their strength and rigidity throughout storage and cooking. They are also suitable for use in modern microwave ovens.

Their light weight has been further enhanced through the development of lower density and thinner sections, resulting in greater energy savings during transportation. Combined with aluminium’s recyclability, recently acknowledged by aluminium trays being awarded ‘Widely Recycled at Recycling Points’ labelling under the British Retail Consortium’s On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, this gives the new range an extremely strong environmental profile.

“Our latest Wrinklewall products are another demonstration of how we are responding to the fast-moving requirements of the food packing industry with the widest choice of tray solutions,” comments John Griffiths, Group Chief Executive, Nicholl Food Packaging.