A family baking business is cooking up a generous portion of energy to reduce bills thanks to solar panels.

Philps Bakery, which has shops throughout Cornwall, had solar panels installed at two sites.

The family has a rich baking history dating back to 1958. Today, the business is run by founder Sam Philp’s sons Neil and Paul, and grandson Sam.

Sam said: “We’re a busy bakery and our bills are high – it’s important to do everything you can to get those down.”

Exeter renewables firm Solarlec sent an energy advisor to talk to the family.

Sam said: “We chatted about our energy consumption and outlay and realised we could save significantly on our bills – it seemed like a great investment.”

The Hayle site was fitted with 32 panels, while brothers Neil and Paul had systems fitted on their homes too after seeing the savings made at the bakeries.

The Hayle premises will save £24,546 over the next 25 years and earn £32,483 through government subsidies.

Solarlec Exeter manager Philip Harris said: “Energy bills are a real headache for businesses – the Philp family were smart to invest now and maximise the Cornish sunshine’s huge potential.”

For more information, call 0800 022 4083 or visit www.solarlec.com

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