Following installation of a Vertex Metal Detector from specialist, Fortress Technology, leading seafood company, Whitby Seafoods, based in North Yorkshire, has announced a 30% increase in its productivity.

Patrick Thomas, Projects Co-Ordinator at Whitby Seafoods, says: “The Fortress machine runs like a dream and has revolutionised our packaging and control processes, and it has paid for itself already.”

He explains: “The metal detector we used previously worked by scanning the packed product rather than inspecting it loose as the Vertex does. This caused us difficulties as the packaging medium is foil, so if there was a slight difference in any of the packs such as a thicker seam or seal, the machine recognised it as contaminant, resulting in lots of false rejects. With the Vertex there are far fewer rejects. This has allowed us to increase throughput by an estimated 30% and we’ve improved quality standards for our customers.”

Currently inspecting up to 2,000 kilos per hour of sea food products, the Vertex is situated between a multihead weigher and vertical form fill seal machine for inspection of free-falling product. This positioning offers Whitby Seafoods significant space saving benefits.

The detector is easy to maintain and more hygienic to use than its predecessor since there are no moving parts and less dirt trap points to clean.

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