When jules & sharpie began in 2002, chillies were treated with caution or alarm. Ten years on, most people are accustomed to spicy food and hot sauces so jules & sharpie have re-introduced their yellow pepper jelly with a scorching amount of chillies in it. Now called hhhot pepper jelly, it’s been welcomed with delight by loyal customers and anyone looking for that extra kick in their condiments.

This is the latest in a trio of new products which have been added to the range of hot ‘preservaments’ with which the innovative friends made their names.

Hot apple & rosemary jelly is a clear, luscious and beautifully balanced mix of sweet apple juice and aromatic rosemary with a substantial chilli zing. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to bacon joints, lamb or strong goats’ cheese.

Hot brown saucish is the new partner for hot red saucish and has the same signature complex flavour. The finest ingredients are cooked in open pans to a rich, smooth consistency and are spicy, fruity and superbly rich. And it seems that even people who don’t like sauce are seduced by this pair of beauties in their cute bottles.

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