Clearfleau’s on-site liquid digestion plants, designed for industrial applications, generate energy from residual materials from food and drink processing. On-site Anaerobic Digestion (AD) combines renewable energy production with effective carbon, waste and nutrient management.

AD is an established process for bio-waste treatment where micro-organisms that thrive in an oxygen-free environment will convert volatile solids into biogas. Clearfleau’s innovative anaerobic system facilitates the efficient production of biogas from a range of feedstocks, such as dairy, distillery or confectionary effluents and co-products and, it is the only high-rate AD process operating in the UK that can digest fatty liquids.

Clearfleau’s commercial reference plant at BV Dairy’s milk processing site in Dorset, funded by WRAP through the Environment Transformation Fund (ETF), was completed in the autumn of 2010. It has been operational for over a year and BV Dairy has reduced its effluent treatment charges and energy costs, as well as its carbon footprint.

Clearfleau is now working on several UK dairy projects, as well as building on-site plants for a confectionery manufacturer at one of their main UK manufacturing sites and for a malt distillery in Speyside. This novel system has the potential to assist in an industry-wide reduction in carbon emissions for the food and drink manufacturing sector. The technology is revenue generating and able to provide an attractive payback.