Roquette is ensuring the highest standards of food safety and product quality with a bespoke double row magnet from Eclipse Magnetics. The unit consists of a double row of magnetic bars which has been installed as part of a new sifter installation for powdered gluten at its plant in Corby, Northamptonshire. As a global leader of natural-based ingredients for the Food, Nutrition and Health market, Roquette supplies gluten to a variety of blue chip food manufacturers.

Roquette needed to pass the powdered gluten product over an offset double row magnet with a minimum strength of 8000 Gauss, and approached experts in foreign body removal, Eclipse Magnetics, to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Eclipse Magnetics supplied Roquette with a bespoke double row magnetic unit with magnetic bars, which are not only withdrawable, but also easy to clean. A catchment tray was also included to effectively contain any residual gluten which can be dislodged from the bars as they are withdrawn for cleaning. The unit has been installed at the end of the process, before the product is filled into tankers or tote bags, and the residual product captured by the magnets is collected in clearly marked bags and disposed of.

Ian Aunger at Roquette said: “The result is an aesthetically pleasing system, which is effective in trapping metal contaminants and is easy to clean. Although the design of the magnet system was not easy because of the limited headroom and space, Eclipse Magnetics were willing and able to meet all of our design criteria.”

Foreign body removal systems from Eclipse Magnetics contain magnetic cores which can be pulled from stainless steel tubes to ensure that contamination falls away. They are extremely efficient at removing fine iron contamination from dry free flowing products such as sugar, grain, flour, granulates and powders.

The magnetic bars require no power and no maintenance (except for cleaning) and are quick and easy to install. Eclipse Magnetics often supplies custom designed and engineered solutions to suit specific requirements, as is the case with Roquette’s application. All product contact parts are manufactured using food quality 316 grade stainless steel, are fully sealed, and supplied with test certificates.

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of new vegetal proteins. Currently operating in over 100 countries, the company has a turnover of around 3.3 billion euros and employs 8,400 people worldwide. As a commodity ingredient, powdered gluten is often used as an additive in baking to add elasticity to flours that would otherwise be low in gluten, such as whole wheat flour or rye.

As a global leader of natural-based ingredients for the Food, Nutrition and Health market space, Roquette aims to improve the health and well-being of millions of consumers around the world. Working with different stakeholders, Roquette offers the best of nature to respond to an increasing Global demand for Food, Pharmaceutical and Industrial applications.

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