Quibbles, the London-based maker of high-quality snacking products, has launched a new range of premium snacks aimed at satisfying a hungry market of discerning connoisseurs.

With only the finest quality ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives, Quibbles were in need of suitable packaging to carry the brand identity for the range and maximise the shelf-life of the products.

National Flexible, the packaging film specialists, were keen to help with the project and their technical team soon specified a suitable laminate barrier structure for the block-bottom bag format which would help to preserve the snacks and maintain their freshness for the consumer.

“We are very pleased with the outcome – they look great,” said Quibbles’ founders Rhona and David Danil. “They are very eye-catching and compliment the high quality nature of the nibbles.”

Available both online at www.quibblesnibbles.com and from selected retail outlets, the new snack packs offer a variety of different snacking experiences including honey cashews, wasabi treats, chilli almonds, cranberries and many others.

Brand owners, brand managers, FMCG manufacturers or packers wanting to give their products a competitive edge can discuss their film packaging requirements with National Flexible on 01274 685566 or email: [email protected]