Combined Catering Services is one of the UK’s leading independent service organisations for the  catering and food service industry, specialising in a broad portfolio of products that encompasses everything from kitchen ventilation, cappuccino coffee machines, pizza ovens, oven ranges, dishwashers, glass washers, refrigerated beverage and ice machines, through to complete kitchen design, planning and installation.

Established in 1976, Merseyside-based Combined Catering Services serves a wide range of companies and organisations, from major corporations through to local nursing homes that may merely require cutlery and crockery. One recent project saw the company undertake a turnkey piece of work for the prestigious Prego Ristorante in Liverpool, where there was one very specific challenge: the restaurant was on the ground floor of a residential building; consequently, it required extremely effective and reliable extraction in order to ensure that smells did not impinge upon residents. In addition to this, Combined Catering Services provided everything from cooking equipment through to furniture, even importing a bespoke marble topped Italian cocktail bar … which was a bit of a challenge to get into the building!

The folk at Combined Catering Services like a challenge though, which goes a long way to explaining why a significant degree of its work is derived through repeat business and recommendation. And this is true not only in and around its home turf in the North West, but UK-wide, with the company serving clients wherever there is a demand for it is highly sought after services.

Combined Catering Services has a sister company too, Coffeaco 90 Limited, which provides customers with a range of coffee machines. However, its approach to business is a little different to that of its competitors, with Coffeaco 90 providing its customers with FREE coffee when a machine is rented. Usually, of course, with other suppliers customers have to buy a case of coffee a month in order to stay within the terms of their agreement – Coffeaco 90 sees no reason for this ‘arm twisted up the back’ approach and prefers to treat its customers as valued partners. For this reason, the company already has 150 machines out in the marketplace and is looking to increase this number significantly in the years ahead.

Combined Catering Service and its sister company Coffeaco 90 listen closely to what its customers say, and then respond accordingly. There is, of course, a distinction between hearing and listening: listening is a complex, active process and is not merely hearing what the other person says. Instead, it also comprises understanding of what is being said, which allows Combined Catering Service to develop and create solutions that are fit for purpose, practical and cost-effective.


So whatever you’re looking for, you can do no better than call Combined Catering Services on 0151 922 4454, where you’ll get a friendly, knowledgeable welcome and an innovative approach to your specific challenge. Alternatively, visit the website on


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