Vikan, the world’s leading provider of hygienic cleaning solutions, is pleased to introduce the new Hand Brush XL, featuring Vikan’s distinctive Edge design. The 250mm Hand Brush XL joins its large, medium and small siblings in a now complete family of ergonomic, functional, handheld scrubbing brushes for the food and beverage industry.

Designed with food industry needs in mind, the Hand Brush XL delivers improved efficacy, productivity and ergonomics. Its asymmetrical shape provides 2-in-1 versatility, while the sharply angled filaments improve access to corners and crevices. Extra stiff filaments make it easier to remove stubborn particles. The smooth, convex Edge design minimises surfaces where liquids can accumulate and provides improved ergonomics. The Hand Brush XL meets all applicable EU and FDA regulations for food contact and is available in eight colours for hygienic colour-coding.

Deb Smith, Global Hygiene Specialist for Vikan, says: “With the Hand Brush XL, our range of Edgedesign scrubbing brushes is complete, and we are very pleased to be delivering so many improvements in this new generation of handheld brushes. Feedback from customers on the XL’s smaller siblings has already shown that the new Hand Brush range is a big hit.”

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