One-stop online shop for over 30 authentic Italian food and Drink brands

Need a little Italian inspiration this Christmas? Picking up all your favourite authentic Italian food and drink for foodie friends and family has become even easier with the arrival of Ciao Gusto

For the first time, a simple tab brings together over 30 of Italy’s most popular brands, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for – and discover new and exciting ingredients and foodie gifts – in just one click.

At Ciao Gusto you’ll be able to search authentic delicious Italian recipes and add ingredients straight to your basket. Browse the recipes according to ingredient, preparation time, course or occasion, and explore the joys of Italian cuisine through tips, advice and information about each product.

You’ll be familiar with many products, such as Riso Gallo, Filippo Berio, Giovanni Rana and Cirio who are joined by products new to the UK such as Auricchio cheese and Negroni charcuterie – everything you find at Ciao Gusto has been specially selected for its reputation as an authentic Italian favourite.

Here’s a full list of the Italian brands you’ll be able to enjoy via Ciao Gusto:

  • Pasta – Barilla
  • Fresh pasta – Rana
  • Rice – Riso Gallo
  • Flours – Polenta Valsugana
  • Tomato and vegetable conserves – Cirio, Valfrutta
  • Cheese and dairies- Auricchio, Parmareggio
  • Fish – Delicius, Regnoli/Medusa
  • Tuna – Rio Mare
  • Cured meats – Negroni
  • Soy and rice products – Valsoia
  • Olive oil – Filippo Berio
  • Vinegar – Ponti
  • Bakery – Bauli, Colussi
  • Snacks – Amica Chips
  • Dehydrated fruits – Noberasco
  • Honey – Ambrosoli?Jams – Santa Rosa
  • Candies and chocolate – Elah Dufour/Novi
  • Coffee – Lavazza
  • Herbal teas – Bonomelli?
  • Water and fruit juices – San Benedetto, Parmalat
  • Wine – Casa Vinicola Zonin, Santa Margherita
  • Alcoholic beverages – Vecchia Romagna
  • Sour cherries and syrups: Fabbri

Visitors can find Ciao Gusto on or