As a major fresh fruit supplier to blue chip UK retailers, food service and wholesale markets, AG Thames needs clearly defined pallet bays, walkways, and floor safety signs in its cold stores.

Conventional epoxy floor coatings require cold stores to be emptied and remain out of service for up to 48 hours. However, Warrington-based ASG Services is a Certified Flooring Contractor for RapidShield – the UV-curable line marking system that can be applied at low temperatures.

In a series of field trials, ASG Services Sales Manager Andy Burns was able to prove to AG Thames Central Services Manager Colin Ormerod, that RapidShield would minimise disruption and slash the cost of line replacement in its chilled facility.

Applied at low temperatures, RapidShield is cured instantly by a portable unit that emits UV-light, turning the coating into a solid film and producing a durable, non-slip, gloss finish. Furthermore RapidShield is odourless, contains no solvents or isocyanates and complies with VOC and HAP regulations, so normal work can continue while the floor coating is applied.

Andy said: “Colin is delighted with the results and impressed by the speed in which we are able to hand back each area within their chilled distribution facility. We continually invest heavily in the latest equipment so we can offer new solutions to meet our customers’ strictest requirements.”

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