With about 100 stores throughout the UK and worldwide, including France, Syria, Pakistan, Norway and UAE, Dixy Chicken is a fast food chain with a difference – it specialises in Halal chicken. Moreover, established in 1986, it has continued to thrive throughout the global economic recession, and is one of the fastest growing fried chicken restaurant chains in Europe.

Priding itself on quality and choice, Dixy Chicken offers fresh, carefully prepared Halal chicken in a variety of tasty dishes, bringing together the finest ingredients in order to cook up something for everyone. It’s not just about taste either; the company realises that it’s important to eat healthily, so it offers a broad choice of salads and the option to choose grilled chicken rather than fried. In addition, Dixy Chicken offers burgers, tortilla wraps, pizza, sides, desserts and drinks.

Whatever the product, though, Dixy Chicken uses only the very finest meats and fresh, choice salad, all prepared under quality control supervision. At head office the company employ expert chefs to create and test its recipes, ensuring that the Dixy menu is the best it can possibly be.

The menu is extensive too, but all customers have got to worry about is what they are going to choose today. Perhaps a Sizzler Salad or something a little different like a Tikka Burger, or if they’re really hungry a classic

3-piece meal would no doubt fit the bill. And talking of the ‘bill’, Dixy Chicken offers not only some of the best food on the high street, but some of the best value too. So whatever the choice, no-one goes away disappointed with either the food or the amount of change in their pocket!

Both of these aspects are important in today’s climate, with the present economic downturn making people more aware of the cost of eating out and therefore more people are now turning to a greater use of takeaway food. This market has therefore become much more competitive and although Dixy Chicken is one of the fastest growing fast food chains, it has had to find ways of being smarter at what it does. This means starting from a strong base, with all of its products being prepared in extremely hygienic conditions using only the very best, most carefully chosen ingredients.

So although there are many fast food options out there, a growing army of consumers claim that ‘you can’t beat Dixy Chicken!’ The quality and service is excellent and you don’t have to pay loads for a great meal. The perfect combination!

For further information, and to find your nearest store, visit www.dixychicken.com.


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