Don’t let racking wreck your business!
At A-safe we are proud to announce our fabulous new system for the Warehouse and Logistics markets.

Introducing: RackGuard and, the latest product within its range: Leg Protecta, a simple yet innovative protection device for safeguarding pallet racks. This upright protector is highly versatile, manufactured from high impact grade polymer with sizes from 80mm up to 125mm. We can protect rack leg width from 75mm to 128mm. So, don’t neglect your racking protection needs.

Don’t let a reckless FLT wreck your racking and knock your profits over; RackGuard is your answer. Major Blue Chip companies like DHL recognise the A-Safe expertise with Stephen Fletcher, Facilities Department Team Leader for DHL, declaring: “….protecting all our racking is essential. This is why we have worked closely with A-Safe to develop the model best suited to our needs.” Also in the range are the End Protecta and Beam Protecta.

Continuous developments have been a hallmark as A-Safe continues to evolve and grows in order to encompass its rapidly expanding international markets. James Smith and Luke Smith, Directors A-Safe, are committed to driving A-Safe to the pinnacle of worldwide success, of which James enthused: “At A-Safe we aim to be the best we can ever be. We do this by offering the most complete customer service from end to end; from initiating innovative design in meeting our client’s exact needs, including products like RackGuard, to ensuring existing customers have the best after care.”

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