Robert A Merry & Co. Ltd. has a tradition of over 130 years of distilling and blending the finest quality Irish Cream Liqueurs and Irish Whiskey.

Indeed, it is a tradition that has its roots back as far as 1868, when Robert A Merry opened a bottling plant in Dungarvan, a town and harbour on the south coast of Ireland in the province of Munster.

The business grew steadily and in 1883 an extensive bonded warehouse was opened in Waterford, where Merry’s stored a wide range of whiskeys in selected casks, taking particular pride in the fact that they were one of the largest holders of Old Pot Still Whiskey in the south of Ireland. It was through this that the company’s reputation for giving good value and excellent quality was established and Merry’s soon became a household name.

Expansion continued apace, including the shipping of fine Wines, Sherries, Ports, Clarets and Burgundies from countries such as Portugal, Spain and France. Merry’s was also celebrated for its bottled beers, and for over 60 years handled the world famous Guinness Extra Stout under its own white label. The company was the largest bottlers of Bass in the Irish Free State too, and always promoted the sale of home produce, including the well known Waterford Ale.
Manufacture of Merry’s Irish Cream Liqueur began in 1994, with the first shipments to USA, England and Europe.

An Award Winning Range
Merry’s Irish Cream Liqueurs are produced in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, in the heart of Ireland’s finest dairying pastures, the world renowned Golden Vale. Merry’s has been recognised internationally for the variety and quality of its superior products. Staying true to its mission statement, ‘Simplicity with Excellence’, the company insist on using only the finest traditional, natural ingredients while employing the most exacting modern standards of processing and quality control. The result is an award winning range, the superiority of which has been acknowledged by 71 international awards, including those from the International Wine & Spirits Competition, Mondial de Brussels, International Spirits Challenge, and the Beverage Testing Institute USA.

Merry’s is a must have for every occasion, all around the world, and is a success in markets as far afield as South Africa, Chile, the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Canada. People everywhere love the unique range of aromatic, flavoured cream liqueurs, with Merry’s having taken its traditional recipe for Irish Cream Liqueur and applied innovation and imagination to create an exciting range of liqueurs.

Constant Pursuit of Excellence
Conforming to British Retailers Consortium (BRC) Global Standards, recently received an
A rating in its annual audit, August 2011, Merry’s has a unique range of 10-12 flavoured Irish creams readily accepted in all of its markets.

Merry’s customer-base is extensive, taking in such blue-chip names as the Prestige Wine Group (Minnesota), Opici Wines (New Jersey) and Duggan Distillers (New York), whilst the company’s longest standing customer is Chicago-based Marsalle/Stoller. Outside of the US, Merry’s also has a strong presence in Europe, especially in France with Casino and Carrefour, in Hungary with Vitexim, and in the UK with Cornish Lust.

Operating out of a 65,000ft2 production facility, with a highly skilled staff of 40, Merry’s is committed to the constant pursuit of excellence and, totally focused on export markets, has increased sales by 30% in 2011 over the previous year. Over the next five years, Merry’s expect to achieve further increased sales with new customers and products in existing countries, as well as new customers in new markets following its successful attendance at VinExpo 2011 in Bordeaux, France.

This will be fuelled by new products such as Fennellys, Michaels, Bradleys and McCarthys. Moreover, in 2011 Merry’s launched a unique and novel wine-based cream, Chateau Chocolat, in the USA, which has already been tasted and approved in 30 states.

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