In 1994, the first Chicken Cottage store was opened in Wembley, North London, and it was here that the Chicken Cottage concept began to take shape.

The immediate goal was the creation of a unique taste, closely followed by the conception of a memorable logo and individual brand identity. The owners were determined to produce a product that would not only be successful in the UK but around the world and realized that winning the ‘battle of the globals’ lay with the novel taste of its product and in developing products that were set to become core to the success of Chicken Cottage in its global reach. The key aim was to fill the Halal gap for the Muslim world but such has been the success of the product that, today, Chicken Cottage is just as popular with the non-Muslim world as it is with the Muslim community.
Franchise Co-ordinator Sadaf Kazi says, “It was this idea of fusing different tastes from a variety of cultures and the use of Halal meat that guaranteed Chicken Cottage was able to present products to the public that didn’t exclude any community, offering those much loved spicy variants for customers as well as the usual products expected from outlets such as ours. We needed to find a name and a logo that represented our non-exclusionary ethos and would send a strong message to the public about what it means to experience our concept. After much deliberation, Chicken Cottage was chosen as this name embodied not only the main focus of attention i.e. chicken, but also conjured up images of home cooking in coy environments that were non-intimidating and welcoming.”

Since the company opened its first outlet in Wembley in 1994, it has grown at the rate of one new outlet every month since 1996. Today there are:-

• 93 Franchises in England;
• 10 Franchises in Scotland;
• 10 International Franchises;

with another 15 franchises destined to open this year.

Owing to the desired brand awareness in the global market and the efforts of the Business Development Team to identify the specific franchise opportunities available outside the United Kingdom, Chicken Cottage has expanded significantly. There are franchisees already trading in Algeria, Libya, Pakistan, U.A.E, Ireland, Paris, Italy and Canada, with Nigeria, Iran, Iraq and Bangladesh on-line to start trading in the near future.

Sadaf Kazi adds, “While we were always aware that developing and implementing an international franchising strategy could start us on the road to becoming the next global brand, we knew it would need to be planned well in advance. Structuring the product offering, looking for master franchisees and qualified brand ambassadors in other countries required expert assistance and considerable research into the chosen overseas markets. The high and ever increasing number of international enquiries, along with optimum support from the head office, is the key to Chicken Cottage becoming one of the leading British-owned franchises. Year on year the company witnesses an increase in enthusiastic investors from all over the world, which adds to our growth and expansion.”

The secret of the food lies in the special coatings and glazes, exclusive to Chicken Cottage, giving the food that extra something that no other purveyor can better. The discerning menu is extensive, offering both the usual fare of its mainstream competitors as well as bespoke items for the edible delight of our clientele.

Again, Sadaf Kazi, “We are everything to everyone – our range caters for all tastes. Alongside the usual mouth-watering fried chicken
and a delicious variety of burgers one would expect from outlets such as ours, you can find delicious fresh salads, vegetarian meals and grilled healthy options. Whether you need something quick for lunch, wish to step out for a family meal or organize a party, we are here with food guaranteed to satisfy all palettes. We purchase only the highest quality Halal meat for use in our wraps, burgers and other products. Our salads are made using only the freshest produce and all our food is stored and produced in the cleanest of environments. We go the ‘extra mile’ for quality and excellence in all things.”

Sadaf Kazi explains, “For entrepreneurs, a Chicken Cottage Franchise offers a solid and supported business venture where hard work is rewarded both financially and in terms of self-fulfilment. We have a forward thinking and pro-active business ethos, which is highly successful, without loss of ethical foundations.”

Chicken Cottage invests heavily in research and development and marketing and both management and franchisees share the costs as well as the rewards and benefits. Everyone has the same vision and aspirations and are very much a strong unit, a ‘family’ equally committed to excellent service, high standards of hygiene and building on the company’s reputation for a strong future.

Sadaf Kazi concludes, “Our long term objective has always been to develop Chicken Cottage as a successful UK franchise operating throughout the world. The best marketing for us is the consistent delivery of a quality hot food product for each and every customer as this customer then becomes an ambassador for us. We have carried out a variety of tried and tested marketing, advertising and PR initiatives over the years to support our franchisees, whilst also developing the corporate brand.”

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