Sun-Pat, the UK’s leading peanut butter brand, has been re-launched in a lightweight “glass clear” PET jar manufactured by RPC Containers Blackburn. The change from the existing glass packaging reflects significant sustainability benefits for brand owner Premier Foods: in addition to the incorporation of 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) content, the jar also delivers a lower carbon footprint during transportation.

There is growing demand from supermarkets for FMCG brands to enhance the environmental credentials of packaging, but it remains vital that the functional and aesthetic benefits of current packaging are maintained. Premier Foods identified that Sun-Pat represented an ideal candidate as it was imported from Holland with the associated additional transport impacts.

RPC Blackburn proposed the use of a bespoke container, similar in shape to the existing glass jar, but with a massive 90% weight reduction. At the same time, the use of 50% recycled PET content would enhance sustainability initiatives.

An assessment was carried out by Premier Foods, which confirmed the carbon footprint reduction possible with the PET jar. “With logistics regulations limiting the weight of lorry-loads, we can cut the number of vehicles required for transport and delivery,” explains Alan Robe, Senior Brand Manager for Sun Pat. This benefit is made even stronger by the fact that the product is filled in Holland before being shipped to the UK.

RPC Blackburn designed the PET jar to replicate the existing container shape and maintain Sun-Pat’s brand identity. The site’s technical team also worked closely with the filler to ensure compatibility with PET.

The injection stretch blow moulded jar is manufactured in three sizes: 258 ml, 357 ml and 459 ml.

Launched in September, the new jar has proved popular with retailers and consumers alike. “In terms of style and functionality, the new container is unmistakably Sun-Pat, but the sustainability and logistics benefits of RPC’s solution have delivered major advantages,” concludes Alan Robe.

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