As glass manufacturer Beatson Clark continue to deliver cost saving and environmental efficiencies to its client base by putting light weighting at the top of its agenda, The English Provender Company is the latest customer to reap the benefits.

Beatson Clark has supplied glass packaging to The English Provender Company for over 13 years, so it was no surprise when it was asked to help redesign and manufacture the 8oz and 12oz bespoke square jars. Not only was the logo embossing redesigned, but a reduction in glass of up to 7% was achieved. These new light weight jars are used for sauces, condiments and the iconic Very Lazy range of cooking ingredients..

“Last year, 2.48 million jars passed along our production lines, so this reduction in weight amounts to a substantial saving of materials,” commented Rachel Chang English Provender Company brand manager. “Environmental issues are increasingly important for both our trade customers and our consumers and we are pleased to be working towards a greener environment with this glass reduction. We have revised our 200g (8oz) last summer and 300g (12oz) this year and will continue to address the issue on an ongoing basis.”

Several light weighted jars are now available in Beatson Clark’s extensive general sale range and, whenever a mould is due for renewal or a client looks at re-branding or redesigning, the feasibility of light weighting is fully researched.

“Glass is the preferred choice for consumers because of its recyclable qualities,” commented Beatson Clark marketing manager Charlotte Taylor. “Our drive to lightweight many of our core ranges reduces the use of both raw materials and transport costs protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. We are pleased the English Provender Company are utilising the techniques and capabilities we have here and that they are seeing a benefit in their environmental policies whilst still being able to retain brand recognition.”

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