VITAL drinks is launched. It is a functional drinks brand with a unique environmental
guarantee, to plant one tree in Malawi for every can sold.
The first product is still vitamin waters and is the only functional drink to contain 100% of
vitamin groups with zero calorie, zero sugar, zero artificial sweeteners and zero
preservatives. It is made with British spring water and boosts immune system, reduces
fatigue and improves mental well-being.
VITAL’s values underpin its mission to take action to invest in the environment. To make this a
reality, VITAL has partnered with Ripple Africa, a charity empowering communities in
Ripple Africa will plant one tree for every can of VITAL sold, transforming landscapes and
the communities they serve.

“We aim to give consumers drinks that they have come to expect: great taste, good for their
health, environmentally sustainable, whilst giving back to society. No fake promises, no fake
environmental commitments in the future and no nasty ingredients – what you see is what you
“We aim to be the UK’s favourite healthy soft drinks brand and our first product contains all
13 vitamin groups your body needs to function effectively.

“By partnering with Ripple Africa, we immediately put back into the environment and broader
community. We have committed to plant one tree in Malawi for every can sold.
“We are taking action from the very first can sold, which demonstrates our respect for the
natural world and a genuine will to be a force for social and environmental good. We want
VITAL to be known as a brand inspiring positive change.”
Geoff Furber, Founder of Ripple Africa, said:
“We are very proud of our tree planting and forest conservation programmes, which have
seen some 21 million trees planted and managed in Malawi over the last 20 years.
“VITAL’s commitment to plant one tree for every can of VITAL sold will be a tremendous boost
for our tree planting programme and communities in Malawi.”

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