The Kennet Crayfish Company Limited, based in Thatcham, Berkshire, has created the UK’s
largest bio-secure freshwater crayfish processing facility. It is eco-friendly, humane and uses
pure, chalk-stream water to handle wild crayfish from the River Kennet. The Company is now
in full swing bringing in the new season of crayfish in time for summertime menus.
The facility is the brainchild of local design engineer and crayfish specialist, Andrew Leech, managing
director of the company. Andrew explains: “We have special licenses to process crayfish and to use
water from the River Kennet. Our bio-secure facility enables stress-free processing of the crayfish to
sell chilled or frozen, vastly improving quality of the final product.”
These signal Crayfish are smaller, freshwater cousins of lobsters and thought by many to have a
superior flavour, much prized by top chefs and foodies around the world. The Signal crayfish are
versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways, for example in salads, as a pasta dish or even just
to dip in a cocktail sauce. Most crayfish currently sold in the UK are imported from fish farms in the
polluted rivers of China.