Marybake, a nationally recognised brand with over 120 years baking experience are filling a gap in the ever rapidly expanding food-on-the-go market with a range of tasty flapjacks, muffins and cakes.

The entire range consisted of 38 individual products, each requiring their own pre-printed packaging which left Marybake with a potential logistical nightmare, especially as the finished products needed to be ready for sale in-store within a matter of weeks.

Turning to packaging film specialists, National Flexible, the whole process was made simple and easy thanks to the work of Phil Parkinson, head of their integrated design service – NXL Design.

Overseeing the entire project from start to finish, NXL Design created the artwork for the 38 different pack designs in a way that reflected the brand and made them instantly recognisable as a uniform range. In an end-to-end approach the project was managed by Phil from artwork approval through the repro process and press-approval right though to delivery of the finished film to Marybake ready for packing. “We have a wealth of experience working on projects and campaigns, both large and small,” said Phil Parkinson. “We use that experience to help bring brands and producers to the market efficiently and cost effectively,” he continued.

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