Siesta Coffee is to use DTiQ’s next generation ‘Big Sister’ surveillance software and data analysis in stores across the North East, with the aim of enhancing customer journeys.

DTiQ works with some of the leading QSR brands in the USA and Europe and now also works with QSR firms including Siesta in the UK.  

Ryan Stainsby and Carly Moir, Directors of Siesta Coffee confirm: “We always like to be ahead of the curve and use the best technology to ensure our locations run smoothly and cost efficiently. Working with DTiQ now means we can be proactive to spot trends or any issues faster and take action to create an even better customer experience.”

DTiQ’s advanced server technology records video surveillance of stores and software maps this to EPOS data.  Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically picks out and alerts operators to any anomalies which need highlighting so there is no need to view hours of video footage.  It also provides the option to search for precise time slots or incidents, and footage can be stored for the duration of the contract so QSR operators can check past events easily if needed.     

“After seeing what the DTiQ video management system offers, we were impressed.  It means we now have a proactive way to help us maintain customer satisfaction and excel at loss prevention while getting a great overview of each store in real time.  It has the potential to help us become more energy efficient, improve our staff training, increase speed of service, order accuracy and impact our customer journey positively at every step of the way too,” adds Stainsby and Moir. 

Gareth Bakewell, Head of UK Business Development DTiQ comments: “If you can see it, you can measure it and DTiQ’s software and our analysis services, which are available from just £3 per day, can provide a cost-effective option to conduct remote audits that drive consistently improved performance across multiple locations.”