The Mint Guide, created and launched by industry experts, is a new online resource intended to help food business operators meet the legal obligations of food hygiene and other legislation that affects them.The resource hub has been created as a joint project by the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association (BSA), The Café Life Association and The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA) and is being provided free of charge to the associations’ membership. Non-members can obtain the guide for an annual subscription of £45, which includes updates.Aimed at helping busy operators break through the jargon barrier, the Mint Guide has a wealth of up to the minute guidance on everything from food safety and labelling to training and employment advice, all presented in a simple, straightforward manner.“This is a resource we have been working on for some time and we are very pleased to announce its launch,” commented Jim Winship, director responsible for managing all three associations.“As you can imagine, it’s taken a collaborative effort with our partners and many stakeholders to pull together something as insightful as this. So, we can’t wait to share its worth with our members as well as any other operators looking for down-to-earth advice to help them conform with the many legal and legislative policies food businesses face these days.“Across the whole hub, we have tried our very best to break down the jargon and make this as easy to read and simple to use as possible for businesses to meet their obligations. We know, especially in the ongoing climate of change in our industry, that many individuals and businesses just don’t have the time to stop and read pages and pages of legal speak – we really hope the Mint Guide will make compliance easier for everyone.”Members and subscribers will also be kept up to date with legislative changes likely to affect their businesses as well as revises to chapters of the guide.The resource which is aimed at any restaurant, food-to-go establishment or delivery business can be accessed online here: from as little as £3.75 a month (based on its annual MINT plan) but retailers can enjoy the protection, access to helplines, low-cost training and other benefits of association membership with its MINT MAX plan from £6.25 a month (based on its annual plan).Jim ended: “There’s a myth that trade associations are just talking shops but, in reality, we provide a lot of support for the industries we represent, not least in making sure that their interests are heard by Government. Membership also includes a whole host of access to free technical, and legal advice to cost savings and guidance, such as that provided by the new Mint Guide.“We hope that many will seek out the full membership plan as part of this launch and we can support them way beyond the pages of exclusive content”

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