Linx Printing Technologies has extended its laser coders portfolio with the introduction of two fibre lasers that provide a hugely flexible coding solution across the widest range of materials for both static applications and moving production lines.

Fibre laser technology offers highly energy-efficient coding across many different substrates.

The new Linx FSL20 and Linx FSL50 have one of the smallest supply units and marking heads on the market. The availability of four different lenses means the coders can be tailored to the precise needs of each product – whether for static or moving environments. Both models feature a wide range of fonts, codes and graphics over multiple lines and unlimited areas.

The durable construction of the Linx fibre lasers enables the coders to operate in challenging environments, with the laser source lasting more than 100,000 hours. An internal air cooler offers greater energy efficiency and cost savings, and is maintenance-free.

The well-refined beam quality ensures consistent smooth coding and the option of a Beam Turning Unit (BTU) allows the Linx fibre lasers to code at right angles.

The Linx fibre lasers are offered with 20 watt (Linx FSL20) or 50 watt (Linx FSL50) beam sources. LinxDraw software allows easy code creation and changes via an optional colour touch screen or from a separate PC.

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