In the January edition of Food & Drink, Gelder and Kitchen LLP highlighted the benefits of a construction management approach to food industry related projects

( The response from our clients has been fantastic to Gelder and Kitchen’s collaborative-based approach to delivering projects in challenging environments. The use of constructive project design workshops has assisted the project team in developing a holistic approach to achieving the project objectives. This success has continued throughout 2012 with major projects in Stockport, West Bromwich, Walthamstow and Kirkcaldy in Scotland.

The flexibility that Gelder and Kitchen Construction Management has provided has allowed our clients to work closely with Gelder and Kitchen’s Project Manager/Architect led design team with ongoing plant development whilst maintaining progress on site without detriment to the project completion date. Gelder and Kitchen’s Structural Engineers, CDM Coordinators and Construction Managers work closely together to develop designs with buildability to suit the site constraints and the challenging environment created by an ongoing food production facility. Project costs are closely monitored by Gelder and Kitchen’s Quantity Surveyors and reported to and discussed with our clients on a regular basis. This has provided a clear and complete representation of the costs incurred throughout the project and has been a fundamental keystone in completing a project within budget.

Gelder and Kitchen Construction Management maintain a site presence throughout the duration of the project to maintain quality and specification requirements for the construction work together with providing the role of Principal Contractor. During the plant installation work, our Health and Safety Advisors have assisted our clients in the site management of health and safety.

The major benefit for our clients using the construction management approach has been the significant early completion of the project when compared to other procurement options.

Gelder and Kitchen LLP and Gelder and Kitchen Construction Management consider that this approach to achieving project success is worth considering by companies in the process of embarking on new projects in 2013.