The game-changing “ttagz” web app, launched in May, has made its away into some of the UK’s most beloved eating, drinking and party spots including, The Coconut Tree, The London Cocktail Club, Smashing Plates, The Market Place and more.

It aims to bridge the gap between glamorous jet-setters and hometown heroes, allowing anyone with an Instagram account to get perks from what they post.

Social media stars rake in thousands of pounds to promote massive brands. But what if local businesses could reach the same number of people through many smaller accounts – run by local people who actually represent their brand?

That’s the theory behind ttagz. Punters unlock rewards by marketing pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs they visit regularly, on their Instagram, earning anything from a side of fries to a round of drinks.

The app aims to capitalise on a wider shift towards consumer-driven marketing, as businesses ditch billboards and TV ads for social media. This is backed by new research on the efficacy of user-generated content:

  • 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising.
  • 83% of 16-35 year olds discover new venues to visit when friends and family tag their location on social media.
  • User-generated content is almost 10x more impactful than promotional posts from established influencers.

 “We’re used to seeing Instagram celebs paid ridiculous fees by massive brands to promote on their socials. But there’s no reason why that relationship can’t work on a smaller scale, where the business gets a direct line to its target market and the customer receives a proper reward.

  • Co-founder Will Yates

ttagz was founded in early 2022 by co-founders Will Yates and James Laden.

 “We wanted a way for local businesses to unlock the combined influence of regular customers. Instagram is the new word of mouth, but businesses don’t have the time or money to pay hundreds per post. We realised the best representatives and the best marketing for pubs or bars were regular customers creating UGC. These people might not have as many followers as your typical influencer, but their followers are often close friends and family who live in area and are heavily influence by what their friends get up too in the city”

  • Co-founder James Laden

ttagz believes venues should have easy access to organic content without leaving it up to luck or paying hundred of pounds for influencer marketing that may not always have the best engagement rates.