NEUE Wateris Europe’s first sustainable luxury bottled water brand made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. Recently launched in the UK, the award-winning bottles are available online, in Harrods, and other fine retailers. NEUE Water is consciously designed to fit into people’s lifestyles, with the conveniently designed bottles produced sturdier so they can be refilled and re-used before recycling. 

Using 100% rPet is one of the most effective ways to conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, and control the environmental impact of plastic pollution. NEUE is championing the movement to a more circular economy, that means reducing the need to produce new plastic and making use of existing waste plastic instead of polluting the landfills and oceans.

NEUE Water arrives in a stylishly shaped, first-of-its-kind flat form that slips comfortably in handbags, jean back pockets and on the seatback of planes and trains. The bottle label plays canvas to limited-edition artwork that will continue to change style around the fashion seasons. 

NEUE has sourced a smooth artesian natural mineral water, drawn from one of only two artesian

wells in Denmark. Bottled just metres away from the source, the water has a soft, rounded flavour, due to the low impact production.

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