L.A.C. Conveyor Systems have teamed up once again with Intralox® to build a 3.5 metre-high Spiral Conveyor incorporating Intralox’s patented DirectDrive™ System.

Intralox recognises LAC’s experience and production capabilities as one of the few UK licensed installers of their patented Direct Drive System (DDS) for Spirals. Quality, trust and teamwork ensure that both companies complement one another in the production of Spiral conveyors and other movement systems that incorporate the innovative DDS.

Intralox’s DDS has a major advantage over failure-prone tension-driven, stainless steel belts by relying on a patented operating system that engages the belt edge directly with the drum to generate zero slip and significantly reduce belt tension. No drum-belt edge friction means reduced tension and simple, reliable performance. Maintenance and cleaning expenses are significantly decreased and production time maximised. The DDS can also improve product orientation and maximise load-carrying capacity on any given conveyor and has the further advantage of simplifying Spiral operating controls. Simply put, Spiral conveyors using the patented DirectDrive System technology receive dramatic benefits.

Spiral conveyors are well known in the food manufacturing industry and offer effective product proving and cooling in confined spaces and L.A.C. have experience in building Spiral conveyors to meet exacting customer requirements in food factories and elsewhere. L.A.C. can ensure full movement connectivity with any Spiral conveyor as well by manufacturing bespoke conveyor systems that feed and take off. L.A.C. are excited to be teaming up again with Intralox by incorporating the DirectDrive System into their latest to date, 3.5-metre-high Spiral which is destined for the food industry.

“With LAC as a preferred supplier of Intralox, our customers benefit from the best possible advice and solutions for their conveying needs, backed up by industry leading guarantees and after sales service.” Comments Intralox’s Corporate Account Manager, Stephen Hubbard

The combination of LAC’s exacting quality standards of manufacture teamed up with the unique DirectDrive System will result in Spiral conveyors that will optimize line efficiency, reduce overheads and improve overall factory performance. Get in touch to see how we can power your food production line.

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