The FoodLab range of analysers allow real time quality control of ingredients and finished products at the production line. With a FoodLab analyser you can easily perform extensive analysis on a wide range of oils, fats, foods and beverages, quickly, accurately and cost effectively. FoodLab analysers allow anyone to measure a wide range of quality, oxidation and stability parameters such as Peroxide Value (PV), Acidity (FFA) and p-Anisidine Value (AnV) that traditionally can only be determined using toxic and carcinogenic chemicals by trained chemists in laboratory conditions. FoodLab analysers require no experience in chemical tests. They employ low-toxicity reagents in pre-filled test cuvettes and provide precise results in minutes. FoodLab analysers are supplied pre-calibrated and do not require any specific training. No maintenance is required and all analysers come with a 3 year warranty. The methods used on the FoodLab range are correlated to ISO reference methods and test performances have been validated by certified laboratories.

For further information on the FoodLab range and a full list of the tests available visit or call QCL on 01342 820820.