Established 2021 has made a huge, lasting impact on Cleckheaton’s food industry. With everything from the mouth-watering Distro Stack, 3 smashed patties, dripping in cheese, relish and our special in house Distro sauce, to our perfect lunchtime bites from our sandwich board. Our bestseller being our classic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, with cheesy beef steak strips melted with cheese, grilled peppers, onions and gherkins. To perfectly pair with your meal, we have a full range of only the best mocktails ranging from our Virgin Mojito to Blue Lagoon to our special Tutti Frutti. At Distro Diner, we pride ourselves on quick but quality service, speedy deliveries and putting out only the best for our customers.  We have something for everyone, including Junior Eats for our young customers, who still want to taste the array of flavours we offer here at Distro. A customer favourite is our wide selection of saucy pizzas, packed only with the most quality ingredients.  We offer a unique square pizza base allowing you to enjoy your flavours to the maximum, with all kinds of meat options, including piri piri chicken, chicken tandoori, keema, donner, turkey, chicken balti and lamb balti. Whatever is going to ‘hit the spot’ head on down to Distro to satisfy all your cravings. Have a sweet tooth? Distro Diner also offers the perfect solution to that, whether it be a ‘One last Time, I Promise’ nutella combined with nuts and ferrero rochers waffle or make it old school with our ‘Peanut Butter Stack’ or our ‘Cornflake Tart’. We even offer a ‘Make it Original’ waffle where you can create your own masterpiece of all the toppings that suit your taste.

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