Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched Luna Dry and Luna Mini Dry, the latest innovations to its hand dryer range. Engineered to be Initial’s most efficient and hygienic hand drying solution to date, both models are available in three high gloss UV anti-scratch finishes. 

With an average drying time of 12 seconds, the Luna Dry range can help to play an important role in boosting hand hygiene, given that damp hands have been shown to spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry ones.

The exterior shell on both Luna Dry and Luna Mini Dry has been engineered using ION Pure Technology. This soluble glass solution contains antimicrobial metal ions that are integrated into the outer case during the manufacturing process, creating a germ and bacteria resistant finish.

In addition to its hygienic qualities and stylish design, this solution also aligns with businesses’ sustainability objectives. The Luna Dry units produce up to 90% less CO2 compared to other hand dryers, making them an environmentally friendly solution for facility managers to roll out in washrooms. With operating costs starting at just £6 per annum for the Luna Dry, it is cost effective as well. 

The full-sized Luna Dry features a HEPA Clean Air intelligent filter and ION Pure Antimicrobial front cover protection. The HEPA filter removes at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and other airborne particles while it is in operation, to significantly help in reducing the number of airborne bacteria and viruses circulating in the washroom environment. It also features a brushless motor meaning the unit lasts longer and can cope with demanding  busy washroom environments. The Luna Mini Dry is a more compact unit with a sleek and modern look, suitable for smaller washroom spaces. It includes an ION Pure Antimicrobial Dryer Cover.

Luna is the only hand drying range to offer true multi-product Plug & Play® functionality, allowing for quick and easy installation and upgrade. The dryers can be easily mounted onto walls using its Terra4 Docking Station, making it quick and simple to replace or upgrade.

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