Coco Chocolatiers are one of the UK’s leading bespoke chocolate manufacturers.  Using the highest quality materials Coco offers a huge range of specialised chocolates.  Many of these are designed to be presented in gift packaging.

The packaging is a key element of Cocos presentation and has won many awards for the unique presentation that they operate.

Recently they launched a new range of chocolate drops.  Available in three flavours this launch has been a huge success.  

After designing the chocolate drop the next challenge for Coco was to find a unique tube that would differentiate the presentation from standard round tubes.  

Product Development Manager Debbie McLennan had been working with Bell Packaging for a number of months and recognised the potential for a hexagonal tube.  The shape gives the product a huge point of difference and allows the unique graphics to be shown in their best light.  

With a tight deadline it was decided to print the tubes using a digital process.  No sooner had the product been launched then a second order was commissioned.

More recently the design has been upgraded with international credentials.  In bulk production the tubing is supplied packed flat with the end caps separate.  The size of the tubing has been made to ensure a snug fit to the end cap which is subsequently secured using a shrink sleeve.  

Commenting on the packaging Debbie McLennan stated “we have worked with Bell for a number of years and it is great to find a unique application for their Jetbox® packaging.  When the decision to proceed was made we had a very tight deadline but Bell came through and delivered a great product on time and subsequently assisted with the assembly to ensure that the finished packs arrived at our customers in the best condition possible”.

“With the success of the tubes, we are considering alternative Bell designs.  In the meantime our thanks to the Bell team for the valued service”.

For samples and more information, please contact the Bell office on 01582 459292 or email [email protected]