To disinfect water in the winemaking process, Brown Brothers winery in Victoria, Australia has installed a Hanovia ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. The system was installed by Fluidquip Australia, Hanovia’s local partner.

One of Australia’s leading family-owned wine companies, Brown Brothers selected Hanovia UV disinfection to treat the water needed for its wine-making process. UV delivers the most secure and environmentally friendly water disinfection available, with the UV-treated water used for bottle washing, process water, QC, laboratory water and just about anything else where clean and bio-secure water is required throughout the winery.

In 2009 Brown Brothers updated its existing UV water disinfection system to the latest Hanovia AF3 UV system. “Our Hanovia UV system has worked perfectly since we installed it in 2009. We routinely get a zero (bacterial) count after the UV. It wasn’t always that way – our old UV system would often return counts for bacteria of 40, 80 or sometimes even 100 CFU (Colony Forming Units),” says Steve Dows from Brown Brothers.

The Hanovia UV disinfection system safeguards Brown Brothers’ water from the risk of water-borne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds, as well as harmful protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are chlorine-resistant. It does this with no effect on the water’s pH, colour or taste, ensuring there is no impact on the quality, flavour or aroma of the wine, which is important when you are producing gold medal winning wines.

“Chlorine is a no-no anywhere in the wine making process as it can affect the taste of the wine,” adds Steve.

Brown Brothers use a deep bore as its water supply and positions the Hanovia UV disinfection system after 0.04 micron filters. UV disinfection has the advantage of using no chemicals and it introduces no disinfection by-products into the process. It is effective against all known microbes.

After being awarded several gold medals in the Royal Melbourne Wine Show in 2012, it’s clear that Brown Brothers continue to lay claim as one of Australia’s most iconic winemaking success stories.