Following the recent unprecedented disruption in grocery sales due to the pandemic, ‘Check & Detect’ market leaders, LOMA SYSTEMS® has seen increased demand for their Combination Systems that combine metal detector or X-ray inspection, with an intelligent checkweighing solution. The systems, which not only deliver production line efficiencies, also help provide food manufacturers and processors with increased levels of food safety and compliance.

Combination Systems provide a number of key quality and efficiency benefits, as with one machine you achieve: a single point of contact for spares; a line space saving of around 25%; and a simplified line process based on the installation and support of one Critical Control Point (CCP).

“Combination Systems further underline Loma’s drive to advance foreign body inspection and checkweighing technology for the global food industry,” said Toby Kemp, LOMA’s Director of Marketing & Innovation. “We create inspection solutions such as these to help manufacturers with some of their challenges, whilst ensuring their products are not only contaminant free, but at the correct weight. There are many benefits from having one machine that simplifies the process of managing inspection and weighing.”

For those food manufacturers and processors requiring detection of metal or other foreign bodies combined with a checkweigher, LOMA has developed three combination options to cover all requirements:

• Loma CW3 Combination System. A metal detector and checkweigher with a single touchscreen control to manage all aspects of inspection, with respective weight and contaminant reject stations.

• Loma X5C-CW3 Combination System. An X-ray and checkweigher that is perfect for inspecting retail-packed convenience food, smaller food products packaged in foil and end-of-line packaged goods up to 280mm wide by 110mm high and weighing up to 6kg. Uses linked touchscreens for easy use, plus weight and contaminant reject stations.

• Loma X5 Spacesaver-CW3 Combination System. Another X-ray and checkweigher solution, but in contrast to the X5C, this is more suitable for bigger food products up to 180mm and heavier, plus like the other systems, includes respective weight and contaminant reject stations.

As with all LOMA products, customers benefit from high levels of before and after sales service. To find out more, visit