Kelly’s of Cornwall the true taste of Cornwall

Kelly’s of Cornwall, based in Bodmin, is the only genuine ice cream that is made in Cornwall, with Cornish milk and Cornish cream and available nationally through the multiples. It is the leading producer of premium Cornish ice cream, available in take home, scooping and impulse customer markets. Kelly’s of Cornwall combines traditional methods with modern processes to give the product its distinctive rich and creamy taste.
The current take home range of 1litre packs, available from major supermarkets includes:

  • • Clotted Cream Ice Cream
  • • Clotted Cream & Honeycomb
  • • Clotted Cream & Strawberry
  • • Clotted Cream & Blackcurrant
  • • Clotted Cream & Chocolate
  • • Clotted Cream & Mint

And a seasonal product of Clotted Cream & Brandy Butter.

There is also a Cornish Dairy Vanilla (2 litre).

Kelly’s Clotted Cream Ice Cream (1 litre) and Cornish Dairy Vanilla (2 litre) tubs consistently remain in the top 3 best selling products within their respective sectors.

In 2011 Kelly’s extended its range with the launch of two new variants. In March Clotted Cream & Blackcurrant was introduced to the range with all of the high quality brand credentials of Clotted cream and local milk combined with a British classic fruit.

Kelly’s Clotted Cream & Brandy Butter was launched as a seasonal line to specifically drive category interest across winter and Christmas.

Kelly’s is continuing to see strong distribution gains on the flavour lines across the trade and a strong support plan is in place for 2012 to further drive the growth of the brand.

In 2012 Kelly’s is also re-investing behind the brand with a £2m marketing campaign, which includes national TV. Print, digital, radio and PR activity also play a significant role. Combined with a strong trade support package we are confident that this will deliver a fourth year of growth for the Kelly’s brand.

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