Essentra Tear Tapes has launched RE:CLOSELite, a slimline mono-printed tape, designed to provide reseal functionality as well as meeting the latest demands for packaging sustainability. 

The new lightweight, linerless tape solution provides user-friendly reclosability to multi-serving food packs, helping deliver portion control and maintain freshness, while making sure packaging is kept tidy and pantry-ready. Once opened, a pack can be easily resealed using RE:CLOSE Lite, increasing convenience for consumers and minimising the environmental impact of food waste caused by spillage or leaving a pack open. 

RE:CLOSE Lite runs down the complete length of the pack ensuring an effective seal as fresh adhesive is used for each reclosure. This makes it durable enough to withstand resealing and reclosing multiple times and provides a significant advantage over traditional resealable labels. 

The improved performance ensures RE:CLOSE Lite effectively meets the demand for consumer choice in providing portion control functionality to multi-serving packs. By allowing the product to be kept in the original pack, branding is kept in the home, encouraging repeat purchase. And with the option to add print, brands can add messages such as those promoting portion control and recyclability direct to consumers’ fingertips for even greater communication and impact.   

“At Essentra, we are committed to making our products more sustainable,” explains Ian Beresford, Head of Marketing and Development. “Our popular RE:CLOSE tape has led the way in resealable and sustainable packaging by reducing food waste and improving portion control.”

By decreasing the width of the tape, RE:CLOSE Lite benefits from a reduced weight while the linerless, single-ply polymer can be recycled at appropriate collection points, giving manufacturers and consumers all the convenience of pack resealability alongside enhanced sustainability credentials.

Easily applied to existing packaging lines with Essentra’s applicators, RE:CLOSE Lite provides a highly cost-effective alternative to zip-lock closures as well as delivering improved pack resealability against label options. The slimline tape means more material can also be wound on each reel, maximising efficiencies for manufacturers and reducing the overall costs and impact of transportation.

“The combination of sustainability, convenience and performance delivers exceptional value to food packaging in one multi-functional tape and we expect to see substantial interest from brands in RE:CLOSE Lite,” concludes Ian Beresford.