Intrepid Fox, the single-serve ‘wine to go’ from Wine Innovations, has become the latest crowd pleaser at Chester Zoo’s dining outlets. Intrepid Fox is ideal for use in busy outdoor areas, such as Chester Zoo, where glass is usually prohibited. The unique design of the shatterproof PET glass makes the product quick and easy to serve, while providing customers with a more sophisticated experience than serving quality wine into a flimsy plastic cup.

The decision to sell Intrepid Fox over other single-serve wine varieties was primarily down to the product’s all-in-one nature, which significantly reduces serving times and on-site wastage. Another major appeal was the product’s close resemblance to a traditional wine glass in both look and feel.

Each fully recyclable, PET glass comes filled with 187ml of high quality wine, and is sealed with a foil lid, guaranteeing a shelf-life of up to a year. Intrepid Fox can now be bought directly from Wine Innovations, as well as being available from wholesalers and retail outlets nationwide.