Report Shows a 94% CO2 Reduction

Atlantic Salmon farmer, Hiddenfjord has announced the suspension of all air freight as of 10-10-2020. This change has reduced Hiddenfjord’s overseas transportation CO2 emissions by 94% —as reported by the independent Norwegian research organization, SINTEF. Air freight is a major contributor to global CO2 emissions and emits around 50 times as much CO2 as sea freight. Hiddenfjord is the first in the aquaculture industry to make a commitment of this size and scope, significantly decreasing their environmental impact in line with the 13. UN Global Goal about urgent climate action.

Salmon already has a much lower carbon footprint than other animal foods such as pork or beef but replacing air freight with sea freight makes it a very sustainable food choice.

“The facts are clear, we all need to immediately stop using airplanes to transport goods in order to reduce climate change,” states Atli Gregersen, Managing Director and owner. He adds, “this was a challenging decision for us – we knew it could mean lower prices and a much higher risk because of reduced flexibility in reaching far-away markets. But ethically, it is absolutely the right decision. If we claim that we want to be a truly sustainable company, we must take responsible actions.”

New independent consumer research shows that Hiddenfjord salmon has maintained the same quality, despite the company’s termination of air freight.

“Even if the suspension of air freight has been a big change for many of our customers, we were very happy to be able to prove that we could maintain our well-known high quality – now with a much lower CO2 footprint. We see good growth in sales figures, and the product is attracting interest from new customers focusing on sustainability,” explains Óli Hansen, Sales Director at Hiddenfjord.

The maintained high quality is primarily attributed to three significant factors:

For thousands of years the Atlantic salmon has migrated from rivers flowing into the North Atlantic Ocean to the sea around the Faroe Islands to feed and grow and has adapted to the conditions of the region’s waters. This pristine environment characterizedby stable year-roundseatemperatures between 6-11 C° and a specific regionaldaylight regime in the Faroe Islands is the natural home of the Atlantic salmon.

Hiddenfjord salmon is raised in the wild – in pens placed in exposed sites with high waves and strong currents that provide the perfect natural living conditions for the Atlantic salmon, while at the same time preventing seabed pollution. Hiddenfjord is the salmon farmer that raises salmon in the harshest conditions in the world.

Hiddenfjord uses a unique concept of stress-free harvesting that utilizes the salmon’s natural instinct to swim against the current. It is guided from the open sea pens to the harvesting basin and stunned without stress.

About Hiddenfjord

Hiddenfjord is a salmon farmer from the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic – a family-owned company dating back to 1929. As an independent company, Hiddenfjord is allowed to have an idealistic focus on sustainability without the constant pressure from shareholders on short-term profits. Hiddenfjord’s air freight elimination and use of exposed locations to farm salmon stand as examples of the company’s focus on sustainability. All Hiddenfjord salmon products are GLOBALG.A.P-certified.